Tooth Contouring: Sculpting Your Perfect Smile

Reviewed by Dr. Matthew Young, DDS

Are you self-conscious about minor imperfections in your teeth? Do you have an uneven tooth or a slight overlap that bothers you every time you smile? There is a simple and painless solution – tooth contouring.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of tooth contouring, exploring its benefits, process, and potential risks. By the end, you’ll have a thorough understanding of this dental procedure and whether it’s right for you.

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Key Takeaway

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile by removing a small amount of your tooth enamel. This quick and straightforward procedure corrects minor imperfections such as misshapen, slightly crooked, or uneven teeth. It is an effective, affordable, and minimally invasive way to enhance dental aesthetics.

What Is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of small amounts of tooth enamel to change the surface, length, or shape of your teeth. Dental contouring can resolve a variety of cosmetic issues, such as:

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Pointy teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Teeth that are slightly longer than others
  • Minor chips

The Tooth Contouring Procedure

Tooth reshaping is typically completed in one office visit, making it a convenient option if you are looking for a quick fix. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Dental x-rays are often taken at the beginning of the process to ensure the teeth are healthy enough to withstand some enamel removal.
  2. The dentist will mark the areas of the tooth that need trimming and shaping and carefully remove small amounts of tooth enamel.
  3. Once the teeth are shaped, they are smoothed and polished to conclude the procedure.

It’s a painless procedure, and since only surface enamel is removed, anesthesia is typically unnecessary.

How Much Is Tooth Contouring?

Dental contouring is relatively inexpensive compared to other cosmetic dental treatments, such as veneers or crowns. The cost can vary depending on the extent of the work needed but generally ranges from $50 to $300 per tooth.

Is It Safe To Contour Your Teeth?

Contouring is a safe and non-invasive procedure when performed by a professional dentist. It’s also irreversible, meaning that once the enamel is removed, it cannot be replaced. For this reason, dentists will only remove small amounts of tooth enamel to avoid damaging the tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Contouring?

Shaping your teeth offers several advantages:

  • By removing minor overlaps where plaque and tartar accumulate, tooth shaping can contribute to better dental health.
  • It’s excellent for correcting minor cosmetic issues and improving the overall appearance of your smile.
  • Most contouring procedures can be completed in one painless visit.

What Are the Disadvantages of Tooth Contouring?

As with any dental procedure, there are some potential risks associated with tooth contouring. These include:

  • Risk of tooth sensitivity due to removing enamel and exposing the tooth’s inner layers.
  • Risk of developing tooth decay if proper oral hygiene is not maintained after the procedure.
  • Temporary changes in speech or chewing until you get used to your newly shaped teeth.
  • Other treatments may be necessary if you have more significant dental problems, such as large chips or deep cracks.

Am I a Candidate for Tooth Contouring?

Most people with healthy teeth are suitable candidates for dental contouring. However, your dentist may recommend alternative treatments if you have any dental issues, such as gum disease or thin enamel. 

Alternatives to Tooth Contouring

Other cosmetic procedures can address similar issues if tooth contouring is not an option for you, including:

  • Dental bonding: Tooth bonding involves using composite resin to reshape and improve the appearance of teeth.
  • Braces or Invisalign: For more significant alignment issues, braces or Invisalign can help straighten teeth.
  • Veneers: Thin shells made of porcelain or composite material that cover the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance.

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Tooth contouring is a minimally invasive, quick, and effective way to improve the appearance of your smile.

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Tooth Contouring FAQ

How long does teeth contouring last?

Tooth contouring is a permanent procedure, meaning the changes to your teeth will last a lifetime. However, it’s important to maintain proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups to ensure the longevity of your results.

Does contouring teeth hurt?

Tooth contouring is painless, and anesthesia is not usually necessary as only superficial enamel is removed. Some patients may experience minor discomfort or sensitivity in the days following 
the procedure, but this will subside quickly.

How much can you contour a tooth?

Dentists typically remove a small amount of tooth enamel during contouring, usually less than 2 millimeters. This amount can bring about significant cosmetic changes without compromising the tooth’s strength and structure.

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